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Stage Makeup Book 11th Edition

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This is the Richard Corson Stage Makeup book updated by James Glavan, and Beverly Gore Norcross and additional material by Matthew Mungle.

Widely referred to as the "bible of stage makeup," the timely revision of this classic text addresses principles and techniques in the use of makeup for the contemporary performer.

This extensive exploration of the application and use of stage makeup and makeup for a variety of performance venues covers all aspects in detail and contains over 1000 photographs, drawings, and diagrams demonstrating step-by-step procedures. Thoroughly updated and revised, this classic text remains accurate and comprehensive, providing information from which all readers – whether students new to the field or seasoned, professional makeup artists – will benefit.

New to this edition:

    • Updated full-color photography throughout
    • Expanded information on makeup design and application
    • 48 new step-by-step instructions in color
    • Expanded chapter on modeling with highlights and shadows
    • New chapter on cross-gender makeup
    • New instruction on making dentures, noses, and face casting
    • New instructions for creating zombies, animals, aging effects, and trauma
    • Expanded information on makeup for television and film
    • Up-to-date information on Special Effects makeup
    • Up-to-date information on prosthetic makeup
    • Updated chapters on facial hair and wigs
  • Updated resources for products, advanced training, and health and safety

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