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Silicone Pigments - Flesh Tones - All Sizes

  • $9.00

Our new silicone flesh tones are formulated to match 7 different flesh tones which may be mixed with other silicone pigments to customize a specific flesh tone or used "as is." These colors are raw, concentrated silicone pigments and MUST be added to silicone and not used as paints by themselves. Our silicone pigments may be added to any of our liquid silicone products including SAM-32 silicone adhesive/paint base.

Great for use in 5110F, 5130F, and other Translucent Skin Silicones.

Also available as a set of all 7 colors here.

These silicone pigments are designed for translucent silicone formulas for simulating realistic "skin" for dolls, silicone masks, medical simulators, adult novelties, special effects skins and prosthetics. These pigments may also be used along with our flocking colors to create hyper realistic flesh tones in translucent silicone.

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