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Silicone Glass Faux 20 - All Kit Sizes

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Faux 2O
Faux2O Water Clear silicone is an economical optically clear silicone.  This system can be used in many applications.  Easily create dioramas and decorative floral designs.  It can also be used as a potting compound for electronics.  This material can only be limited by your imagination.
Silicone Glass cures to a water clear finish, and is made to crumble easily to create perfect glass-like shards and crystals. It may also be used to simulate liquids such as water. Excellent for stunt work and set dressing. Faux 2O is also low density do it floats in water!

It is also used to encapsulate objects or to simulate water, other liquids, & more!.

May be pigmented with our silicone pigments.

Silicone Glass Faux 2O is a two component addition cured RTV silicone that is NOT recommended to be used as a mold material.

Technical Data: Datasheet - MSDS - Physical Properties

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