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SAM OSS Silicone Solvent

  • $14.00

SAM OSS Odorless Silicone-based Solvent for RTV Silicones (Both Tin & Platinum such as PlatSil Gels) and 1 part Silicone Sealant. Great for silicone cleanup. OSS allows for longer drying times when painting with silicones.

  • Flammable but NOT considered a shipping hazard
  • Safe to use
  • Used in cosmetics, personal care products and ‘green’ dry cleaning.
  • "Green" Environment-Friendly solvent formula
  • Dries slightly slower than water
  • Has ‘slip’ when wet.
  • No smell or chemical odor
  • Similar effects of aggressive solvents yet does not dissolve plastics
  • California VOC Exempt and will not contribute to ozone depletion or global warming
  • can be Shipped without any D.O.T. "hazardous materials handling" requirements
  • May also be used to smooth oil based clays

Use OSS to remove makeup and oil paint from brushes. OSS may also be used to help comb out tangles from synthetic and natural hair wigs, beards and fake fur. Cut through oil, grease and soft wax. OSS will also dissolve silicone prosthetic adhesive. Good ‘spot’ dry cleaning fluid for oily stains. Will not harm fabrics. Lubricant for wet sanding seams on rubbers and soft plastics.

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