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Prosthetics Magazine Issue 22

Prosthetics Magazine Issue 22

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Prosthetics Magazine Issue 22 is also available here with USPS shipping included in the cost.


Our first bumper issue with even more pages full of features, interviews, and tutorials is OUT NOW, here's a run-down of the contents:


Army of the Dead: Justin Raleigh and Fractured FX create a legion of zombies for Zack Snyder’s Las Vegas heist movie / Antlers: we meet the teams behind the creation of the Wendigo and its victims for the brand new supernatural horror / an in-depth look at the career of pioneering hybrid artist Gino Acevedo / Viking Wolf: Jim Udenberg on creating the prosthetics for Norway’s first werewolf movie / Howard Berger and KNB EFX take the lead on the prosthetics for Jupiter’s Legacy / Berlin’s Twilight Creations collaborate with artist Andreas Mühe on a deeply personal project / Fractured FX create animal-hybrid children for Netflix fantasy series Sweet Tooth


Stuart Bray and Todd Debreceni share their experience of incorporating 3D printing into the pipeline for creating prosthetic makeup, Brad Greenwood helps us get to grips with the basics of 3D modelling software, and Dan Crawley gives us a tech spec on taking the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles back to their gritty roots using the power of prosthetics


Master sculptor, character designer and inspirational teacher Don Lanning shares his Words of Wisdom, and we preview Heather Wixson’s upcoming book series Monsters, Makeup and Effects that serves up interviews with some of the greatest creature creators from across the years

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