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Prosthetic Additive 1 - All Sizes

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Add Prosthetic Additive 1 to Prosthetic Gel 1 to lower cured hardness and remove synthetic qualities inherent in silicone rubber. For a soft sticky gel appropriate for gel-filled appliances, mix Prosthetic Additive 1 (PA1) with Prosthetic Gel 1: 1A + 1B + 2PA1. May be added up to 1A +1B + 2.5PA1. Adding 1A + 1B + 3PA1 will result in a very soft, slumping gel. May also be added to Skin Cast OO10

Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes. May cause eye irritation.
First Aid: Eye contact- flush with water. Skin contact- wash with soap and water.

Technical Data:  - Datasheet      - MSDS

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