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Polygem EZ Sculpt Modeling Putty Zoopoxy

  • $48.00

E-Z SCULPT is a 100% solids epoxy system specially formulated to a workable ‘clay like’ consistency for sculpturing and modeling projects.  E-Z SCULPT will cure into an extremely strong and durable plastic that is easily sanded or shaped.  E-Z SCULPT can be tinted or painted and will even accept stains.  E-Z SCULPT bonds well to most surfaces including fiberglass, foams, metal, wood and concrete.  E-Z SCULPT is solvent free so it won’t melt or dissolve foam surfaces.

E-Z SCULPT is used as a free form sculpturing medium or applied as a textured veneer over other surfaces.  E-Z SCULPT is ideal for small or intricate detail work where strength and durability are desired.  E-Z SCULPT can also be used as a patching compound to repair broken or damaged exhibits.

Application Instructions: 

Gather equal amounts of Part A and Part B by volume.  Wearing protective gloves, begin to knead the two parts together until streak free and uniform in color.  Small amounts of water may be used to help prevent the E-Z SCULPT from sticking to the gloves.  Form or shape as desired.

Technical Data: E-Z Sculpt Datasheet
                           E-Z Sculpt Part A MSDS      E-Z Sculpt Part B MSDS

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