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Polygem EZ Cast

  • $60.00

E-Z CAST is a 100% solids casting epoxy specially to provide intricate detail and superior finish qualities for most casting projects. E-Z CAST will cure into an extremely strong and durable plastic that is easily sanded or polished. E-Z CAST can be tinted or painted and will even accept stains and washes. E-Z CAST is solvent free and won’t dissolve foam surfaces or shrink during its cure. E-Z CAST is a low viscosity liquid and has excellent air release properties for bubble free castings.

E-Z CAST is ideal for small or large castings where strength and durability are desired. E-Z CAST is available in a special Bone White color to provide for a realistic fossilized finish for bone castings. Consult with Polygem’s technical department for assistance with large volume castings.

Application Instructions: 

Pour the entire contents of Part B into the Part A container and slowly mix the contents for 3 minutes with a slow speed drill mixer. Avoid whipping air into the mixture and slowly pour the mixture into the mold.

Technical Data: E-Z Cast Datasheet
                            E-Z Cast Part A MSDS      E-Z Cast Part B MSDS

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