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Poly PT Flex 50 - All Kit Sizes

  • $64.00

Poly PT Flex 50 is flexible, fast-curing rubber designed for casting transparent parts or colored parts using dyes (e.g., PolyColors) or pigments. Poly PT Series products yellow with age.

Working Time: 8 Minutes
Demold in 30-60 Minutes.
Mixed Viscosity: 550 (cP) Cured Color: Yellow/Amber

Additives for PT Flex, such as PolyColor Pigments, are available here.

This kit is 2 Lbs of Part A and 2 Lbs of Part B


Technical Data: Poly PT Flex 50 Datasheet
                            Poly PT Flex 50 Part A MSDS      Poly PT Flex 50 Part B MSDS

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