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FP-70 Rev 1 - All Kit Sizes

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BJB’s “FP” (Fast Production) Series of products range from a 40 to 90 Shore A.  You’ll find their 4 to 5 minute work time can easily be “demolded, tack free and tough” in under an hour.  The 1:2 ratio and low viscosity makes these translucent materials easy to mix, pour and pigment.  FP-70 REV 1 is ideal for hand casting or dispensed with our CPE equipment.

  • RoHS/REACH Compliant
  • Demold in under an hour
  • Translucent and easy to pigment
  • 4-5 minute work time
  • Low viscosity and easy to mix
  • Simple ratio, ideal for dispense cartridges


Color Variations: The color of the base material may vary slightly from batch to batch due to raw ingredients. Exposing the material to various conditions such as heat and UV light will alter the color of the cured system. Color stability is not guaranteed. This product can be pigmented, but you may see more color shift when using lighter pigments.

UV Resistance: This product is not classified as UV resistant. UV100 (see below) is a UV inhibitor and anti-oxidant blend that will help slow down the effects of UV degradation and color change. The level of effectivness varies from product to product.

May be pigmented with PolyPig Colors or 6800 Pigments. UV100 may be added to slow down aging from UV exposure. FP series rubbers may also be thickened with PolyFiber Thickener for brush-on applications. FP series rubbers may also be rotationally cast and backed with our flexible polyurethane foams.

Product Name FP-70 REV 1
Shore Hardness 70 A
Worktime 4 - 4.5 minutes
Demold TIme 60 - 90 minutes
Shrinkage 0.0012
Viscosity 1,500 cps
Ratio 50/100 pbw
MSDS Sheets

FP-70 REV 1 Part A SDS

FP-70 REV 1 Part B SDS

Product Data Sheet

FP-70 REV 1 Technical Data Sheet

Item Color Amber


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