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Introduction to Metal Coatings and Patinas DVD

Introduction to Metal Coatings and Patinas DVD

  • $26.00

In this DVD, Ron Young will teach you the essential steps to "Turn any Surface into Metal" using Sculpt Nouveau's Metal Coating Paints and Patinas.

Architechtural Elements, Plastic, Other Metals, Wood, Canvas, Polymer Clay, Resin Ceramics and Natural Objects are all covered in this DVD as well as how to use these products for Props and Set Design in the Bonus Disk.

DVD 1 Contents:

  1. Set up and Surface Prep
  2. Basic Metal Coating with Patina
  3. Advanced Patina Technques
  4. Multiple Patinas
  5. Using "C" Metal Coatings

Bonus DVD

  • Prime-IT and Smart Coat Application
  • Using Copper B and Bronze B
  • Iron/Rust Techniques
  • Silver B Application
  • Cold-Cast Process and Finishing Waxes

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