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Platsil 73-20 Molding & Casting Kit

  • $120.00

Important! This product cannot be shipped to Alaska or Hawaii or be shipped via USPS. This product must be shipped UPS or Fed Ground ONLY.

Due to current supply chain issues, for the time being gloves will not be included with mold making kits.

Get started molding and casting with our 73-20 Molding and Casting Kit. Kit may be used to mold a plastic part or a small sculpture or any other compatible material that will fit in the included mold tube. If you have a Hot Glue gun you are ready for mold making!

This kit contains all the supplies you need to make a basic mold and resin casts. Kit includes low viscosity 73-20 PlatSil Silicone for mold makinf and EZ Flo 60 low viscosity resin for casting. 73-20 is a soft, A20 silicone that has a 5 minute pour time and ~1 Hour demold. EZ Flo 60 casting resin has a 2-2.5 minute pour time and 15-30 minute demold. Kit also includes mold tube, foam core board, mixing cups, stir sticks, Eject-it 33 Mold Release for silicone, and 1 lb Protolina Clay.

The included Protolina clay is sulfur-free and may be used for sculpting as well as daming up multi-piece molds.

Kit Includes:

73-20 2lb Kit

EZ Flo 60 1.9lb Kit

Protolina 1lb

1 Mold Tube

1 12oz Can Eject-it 33 Mold Release

Foam Core Board

Stir Sticks

2 8oz Mixing Cups

1 1 Quart Mixing Cup



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