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Clear Mold Tube - 3 Sizes

  • $7.89

Clear tube for constructing simple, cylindrical molds. Release inside of tube with 2500 or Eject-it 33 spray release when using PlatSil silicone. Release with 2300 for 74 or 75 series urethane rubber molds, PT Flex rubbers, or FP series rubbers.

Our new 5" X 12" tube may also be used for hand casting. Hot glue a cardboard or foam core cap on one end and you are ready to mold! Releases from all of our Monster Gel Alginate without release.

Cubic Inch Volume For Tubes:

3 x 6 = 42.39 cubic inches (Less than 1 Quart) An average 2 lb kit of silicone will fill this with a little left over.

3 x 12 = 84.78 cubic inches (Less Than 2 Quarts) 4lbs of most of our silicones will fill this tube. 2 x 2lb kits or half of an 8lb kit.

5 x 12 = 235.5 cubic inches (A little over 1 Gallon)

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