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1604 Epoxy Laminating Resin

1604 Epoxy Laminating Resin

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10lbs Part A 1.2lbs Part B

TC-1604 is a filled, easy to apply, laminating epoxy resin for variety of fabricating applications.  Designed to be used with heavier weight fiberglass cloth (typically 8-10 oz. tooling fabric), TC-1604 can produce thick laminates without excess draining of the resin.  Being a very stable system with low shrinkage, its common usages include:

  • Drill and Trim Fixtures
  • Pattern/Foundry Applications
  • Composite Tooling
  • Support Shells for Silicone Glove Molds

It features the ability to cure at room temperature for applications that do not require a working service temperature above 224°F (107°C).  TC-1604 can also be used as an adhesive for bonding wood, composites, and other materials.  Adding fillers like fumed silica, micro-spheres, and short-strand fibers can create pastes for fillets, fairings, and bonding applications.

Product Name TC-1604
Shore Hardness 89 D
Worktime 20 minutes
Demold TIme 12 - 15 hours
Shrinkage 0.00015
Viscosity 8,000 cps
Ratio 100/12 pbw
MSDS Sheets

TC-1604 Part A SDS

TC-1604 Part B SDS


Product Data Sheet

TC-1604 Technical Data Sheet

Item Color White

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