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GRIT Coarse - 3 lbs

GRIT Coarse - 3 lbs

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After you add Grit to Foam Coat, it will have the look and feel of stone, with the added benefit of strengthening the Foam Coat
MIXING: Thoroughly mix Boost with Foam Coat to the desired grittiness. Up to 1/3rd Grit to Foam Coat will strengthen and increase coverage of Foam Coat.
APPLYING: Apply according to directions on Foam Coat.
SET TIME: Grit will not change the set or cure time for Foam Coat.
CLEAN-UP: Immediately clean tools and brushes with soapy water.
FINISHING: May be painted or stained. Cannot be easily sanded
Use up to 1/3rd of a 3 lb container of Grit with a 3 lb container of our Foam Coat.
Use up to 8 lbs of Grit with a 25 pound box of our Foam Coat.

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