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Makeup-FX - Hair Punching Needles

  • $46.81

If you ever need to push hair into a foam latex or silicone mask so it looks real you will need a punch needle. The traditional one was just a sawed off sewing needle but now we can offer something a lot better than that.

Important! We do not recommend these needles for use with slip cast latex masks. Thin latex skins backed with flexible foam may be punched with heavier needles, such as the #19, but thick, tough latex can potentially break fine punch needles.

The Makeup-FX crown punch needle has a crown of hooks at the tip of the needle making it possible to just push the hair straight into the silicone without any grabbing of individual hairs. Use the new Makeup FX Magnetic Hair Holder to hold hair in place while punching.

9 Crown Punch Needle kit
1 - 19: Very Heavy for hidden areas
2 - 36: Normal for human hair
2 - 38: Fine for thin human hair
2 - 40: Very fine for mohair or wool
2 - 43: Ultra fine for the finest fiber
Actual Needle length is 8cm

Need additional #19 needles? We sell the large #19 needle for heavy hair application here.

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