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Foam Fusion

Foam Fusion

  • $6.95

Our Foam Fusion is the ultimate foam glue for EPS and XPS! It permeates the foam and bonds around its cells. Other glues containing solvents will dissolve foam over time, but our formula is nontoxic and solvent-free. Our glue is not affected by heat or cold as with glue guns, and it does not expand.

It works with most rigid foams including polystyrene foams, like Styrofoam, white beaded EPS foam, and XPS foams (blue and pink board). Foam Fusion bonds foam to almost any porous surface and is easy to apply - simply brush or squeegee on. Apply a very thin layer on each side - it goes a long way. Available in 4 sizes.

Hot Wire Foam Factory tools will cut through this glue.

Available in 4 sizes:
Coverage: (Best to squeegee on a thin layer on both sides. A roller applies too much glue)
8 oz   = 50 square feet (25 square feet x 2 sides)
16 oz = 100 square feet (50 square feet x 2 sides)
32 oz = 200 square feet (100 square feet x 2 sides)

Instructions for use with XPS: XPS foam (blue and pink board) sometimes has a plastic "skin" on it, and that will have to be removed before gluing. Sometimes the plastic can be easily peeled off, otherwise lightly sanding the surface should remove enough of the plastic to allow the glue to grip the foam.

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