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Polygem Zoopoxy Thickening Agent

  • $20.00

THICKENING AGENT is our proprietary powder used to adjust the consistency of our epoxies and other polymer liquids or gels.  The THICKENING AGENT is a safe and easy to use powder that quickly and efficiently will impart a thixotropic quality to polymer mixtures.  The THICKENING AGENT is simply adding in as needed during the mixing process and has the capacity to turn a liquid into a clay like consistency.


  •  Quick and efficient thickening     
  •  Dry user friendly powder
  •  Not itchy or drying to the skin
  •  All natural ingredient

Typical uses are:

  • Thickening epoxy liquids and gels
  • Silicone molds
  • Liquid urethanes
  • Overhead or vertical patching and repairing
Technical Data: Thickening Agent Datasheet
                            Thickening Agent MSDS

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