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Polygem Sinmast #4 Regular Laminating System

Polygem Sinmast #4 Regular Laminating System

  • $60.00

SINMAST #4 Regular is a high performance industrial epoxy formulated for industrial concrete patching and repair.  Mix SINMAST #4 Regular with sand or aggregates to make epoxy grouts. 

  • SINMAST #4  is available in Regular, Fast-Set, and High-Impact resin formulations for specific project requirements.


  •  High-Strength
  •  Stronger than cementitious grouts
  •  Easy mixing pre-measured kits
  •  No Shrinkage
  •  Bonds well to most dry surfaces


  • Crack and Joint Repair
  • Epoxy Grouts
  • Machine Bases
  • Patching and Resurfacing
  • Anchoring & Chocking
  • Joint Nosings
  • Precision Grouting
  • Rail and Sole Plates

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