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Graffiti Remover

  • $9.00

Sculpt Nouveau Graffiti Remover is a multipurpose, powerful, and natural cleaner/degreaser. This concentrate quickly emulsifies grease, paints, and oils without the use of harsh chemicals. Besides removing graffiti, it is an effective cleaner of many other indoor and outdoor surfaces including metals, concrete, and painted surfaces. It should not be used on most plastics. Sculpt Nouveau Graffiti Remover will remove patinas, most inks, adhesives, tar, asphalt, and other spots that would normally require a solvent base cleaner or paint remover to clean.

Sculpt Nouveau Shields Up and Sculpt Nouveau Graffiti Remover make a great combination. First, use Shields Up to protect your surface or finish, then use Sculpt Nouveau Graffiti Remover to easily clean any damage that may occur. This combination is especially recommended with porous or painted surfaces.

Sculpt Nouveau Graffiti Remover is also available in 1  gal., and 5 gal. sizes. Please call us for prices on other sizes

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