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Neill Gorton's Creating Character Prosthetics in Silicone

Neill Gorton's Creating Character Prosthetics in Silicone

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Award winning make-up artist Neill Gorton takes you through the processes involved in creating large scale silicone prosthetic make-ups.

Part 1: Preparing & Moulding The Lifecast
*Cleaning and correcting a lifecast
*Mounting and preparing the lifecast for moulding
*Making a master negative mould in silicone and fibreglass

Part 2: Preparing for & Sculpting the Prosthetic Appliance
*Casting out a positive cast
*Sculpting the prosthetic appliance
*Moulding for overlapping appliances

Part 3: Moulding The Prosthetic Sculpture
*Moulding the lip appliance
*Moulding the head sculpture in fibreglass
*Preparing bleeders and pour tubes in the mould
*Applying the silicone encapsulate

Part 4: Casting, Finishing, & Application
*Casting the appliance
*Seaming and painting
*Application of prosthetic

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