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TinThix - All Sizes

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TinThix liquid silicone thickener

TinThix is designed for mixing into liquid silicone rubbers (both TinSil and PlatSil formulas) to create a thixotropic consistency for brush-on mold applications. Up to 1% may be added, but usually only a few drops are required to thicken a batch of silicone. Amount of TinThix added may vary depending on how thick of a paste is desired.

TinThix in PlatSil Formulas

While TinThix contains the prefix "Tin", it does not contain any Tin catalyst or anything related to Tin Cure silicone. TinThix is a much more concentrated thickener than PlatThix thickener. PlatThix Thickener may be used with our higher viscosity PlatSil formulas as it is less concentrated than TinThix and may be used to create a light paste rather than a thick, trowel-able mix.

TinThix may be used in all PlatSil and TinSil formulas, but it is especially helpful in thickening low viscosity PlatSil formulas such as PlatSil 71-11, PlatSil 73-20, PlatSil 73-15, and PlatSil 73-25. TinThix is also a great thickener for all the PlatSil Gel products, including new PlatSil Gel-OO20 and PlatSil Gel-OO30. TinThix can also be used to thicken our new Skin Cast Silicone.


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