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TC-814 Aluminum Filled Resin Gal. Kit

  • $139.00

TC-814 A/B is a durable, aluminum filled polyurethane system that offers excellent duplication properties.  TC-814 A/B exhibits low shrink, low exotherm and quick demold times.  Cured parts and molds can be machined or sanded/polished to produce smooth surfaces.  Can be burnished to simulate metal finish for special effects or theming.

  • Low viscosity - easy to mix & pour
  • Great machining properties
  • Low exotherm & low shrinkage
  • Wax injection molds
  • Greater settling resistance
  • Safe to use with platinum based silicones
  • Vacuum forming tools
  • Simulate metal surfaces/cold metal casting

Shore Hardness Worktime Demold Time Shrinkage
Viscosity Ratio
85 Shore D 12-14 minutes 3-4 hours 0.001 2,900 cps 100/100 pbw


Technical Data:  Datasheet -- SDS  Part A - Part B 


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