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TC-296 FR Fire Retardant Flexible Quart Kit

  • $38.00

TC-296 FR A/B is a 6 lb. medium density, water blown flexible foam with fire retardant properties. This product was developed due to ongoing demand for fire retardant foams in the industries of Movie Special Effects, Theme Parks, Haunted Houses, and Theatrical Performance. Firmness of the foam can be controlled by mold temperature and the amount loaded in the mold. BJB’s 6800 Series Pigments may be added to the “B” side for developing a wide range of colors.  TC-296 FR A/B can be hand mixed, machine dispensed, or mixed with a Jiffy Mixer®.

  • Prototypes
  • Medical training devices
  • Prosthetics
  • Movie props/ Special effects


Flammability of Interior Materials – FMVSS 302

foam expansion

Worktime Demold Time Ratio
20-25 seconds 20-30 minutes 50/100 pbw


Technical Data: Data Sheet  -  SDS: Part A  -  Part B

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