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Super Spray Baldiez

  • $29.00

Sprayable encapsulator & Bald Cap Plastic.

Super Baldiez was developed to create professional BALD CAPS and work as an ENCAPSULATOR for the fast production of PlatSil Gel-10 or PlatSil Gel-00 prosthetics enabling the artist to create edges that blend away using 99% Alcohol (IPA) the same way other bald cap plastics use Acetone.

Super Baldiez has a unique flexibility that allows the bald cap or prosthetic to move naturally unlike the more common rigid cap plastics.

The Super Baldiez is stronger, clearer and gives you slightly more time to create Bald Caps.
This is much less likely to irritate skin when blending edges.

For Professional use Only!

Super Spray Baldiez is a new, convenient way to apply Super Baldiez to your flat molds and other prosthetic molds.

Important! Super Spray Baldiez must be shipped UPS or Fed Ex Ground service!

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