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Silicone Casting Kit

Silicone Casting Kit

  • $199.00

Silicone casting kit contains the basic supplies needed for casting silicone parts. Kit includes silicone pigment (Choose color option), flocking color kit for creating realistic flesh tones, 71/73R Retarder 4oz for large pours, 2350 release agent for casting into PlatSil silicone molds, silicone fluid for thinning and softening Gel silicone, and 8lb kit silicone Gel (Choose Gel-10 or Gel-00).

Important! PlatSil Gels are Platinum cure silicones and may be inhibited by some surfaces. Common contaminates of PlatSil include urethane rubber, TinSil silicone, Clays containing sulfur, and latex products.

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