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SC 5001 Silicone Thickener

SC 5001 Silicone Thickener

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SC-5001 is a thickening agent that can be used with BJB’s TC-5024 or TC-5050.  SC-5001 should be added after parts A and B have been thoroughly mixed.  Adding 2% - 5% SC-5001 to the total weight of the A/B mixture is recommended.  At 2%, the mixture will have a cold cream consistency.  At 5%, the mixture will be more like peanut butter.  Application procedures will vary depending on the users’ preference.  Typically, the model will be first coated with the silicone without adding SC-5001.  Secondary coats with a 2% - 5% level of SC-5001 should be applied only when the previous layer has gelled to a point that it will not be disturbed by further applications.  SC-5001 should be stirred before adding to the silicone mixture.  See Mixing Instructions for application guidelines.

Technical Data: Data Sheet  -  SDS

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