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PolyFoam R-5 Quart Kit (4 Lbs)

  • $48.00

Easy 1A:1B mixing ratio for your rigid foam applications. May be pigmented with PolyColor (See Additives).

PolyFoam R-5 is a 1:1 mix (by weight or volume) polyurethane self-skinning rigid foam that has a free-rise density of 5 lb per cubic foot. PolyFoam rigid foams are excellent for casting functional as well as decorative objects that need to be lightweight and rigid. Also great for lightweight mold shells or mother molds. Generally PolyFoam products are poured into TinSil or PlatSil silicone molds or PolyCoated Poly 74 & 75 Series polyurethane rubber molds.

Mixing Ratio: 1A:1B
Working Time: 1 Minute
Rise Time: 2 Minutes
Demold: 10-15 Minutes
Cured Color: Tan

Technical Data: PolyFoam R-5 Datasheet 
  PolyFoam R-5 Part A MSDS      PolyFoam R-5 Part B MSDS

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