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Pro-Bond Primer

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Important! Pro-Bond Primer contains flammable solvent and must be shipped UPS or FED EX Ground service only!

Pro-Bond Primer Instructions: KEY FEATURES ·Works with condensation and addition cure materials · Tinted blue for ease of visual inspection · One-component for ease of use SURFACE PREPARATION All surfaces to be primed need to be free of contaminants. Additionally, cleaning with a solvent that is non-detrimental to the encapsulate is highly recommended. Surfaces should also be dry before applying Pro-Bond Primer™. PROCEDURE Pro-Bond Primer™ can be applied by brushing, wiping, spraying, or dipping. A coating thickness of 0.5mil is recommended. Recommended curing conditions for Pro-Bond Primer™ are at least 30 minutes at room temperature and a minimum of 40 % relative humidity. A primed prosthetic appliance can be used up to 24 hours after coating as long as the substrate is contaminant free. There will be a visible thin white film over the entire surface of the encapsulate when Pro-Bond Primer™ has been applied properly.

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