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Poly 75-80 Quart Kit (6lbs)

  • $72.00

Poly 75-80 is a 2A:1B mix, A~80 hardness, long working time, firm, polyurethane mold rubber that has a 45 minute pour time and a 16-24 hour demold used primarily for making tough, durable molds, liners and stamps for casting, forming and texturing concrete. Can also be used to cast plaster, wax, resins and foams with proper release agents.

The Poly 75-80 rubber has a high abrasion resistance and long mold life for high volume casting operations. Used for making decorative concrete countertops, precast architectural panels, sound barriers, fences, pavers, slabs, patio stones, retaining wall blocks and for virtually all other types of cast stone applications.

Technical Data: Poly 75 Series Datasheet
75 Series Physical Properties

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