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Poly 1511 5 Gallon (80lb Kit)

  • $540.00

Poly 1511 is a 1:1 mix, low viscosity, polyurethane liquid casting plastic that has a 10 minute working time and a ~4 hour demold depending upon the size/mass of the pour.

Poly 1511 can be poured to produce decorative objects, production parts, prototype parts, tools, models, duplicate masters, patterns, and more. The high physical properties of this plastic make it ideal for making models and prototype parts that simulate thermoplastics such as ABS and polypropylene. White in color. Can be accelerated for faster demold using Poly 15 Part X catalyst. Can be color cast using Poly Color dyes.

Poly 1511 can also be mixed with Poly Fiber II thickener to create a thixotropic (paste-like) consistency for making lightweight plastic mother molds or mold shells. You can find PolyFiber thickener and PolyColor pigments in our polyurethane additives section.

* High strength plastic
*1:1 mix formula
*Tough, non-brittle
* Can be machined, drilled, sanded
* Great for strong, lightweight mold shells
* Tough, non-brittle
* Faster with 15 Part X
* Great for model making, prototyping

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