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PlatSil Molding And Casting Kit

PlatSil Molding And Casting Kit

  • $315.00

Due to current supply chain issues, for the time being gloves will not be included with mold making kits.

Our PlatSil molding and casting kit is a great way to get started molding parts and casting them in resin. This kit contains enough silicone for several small molds or a medium sized mold. Roughly 192 cubic imches of liquid silicone. Kit also contains Easy Flo resin for casting. Accessories include 2350 release, graduated mixing cups, stir sticks, gloves, Protolina Clay, molding tubes, and foam core boards.

Important! PlatSil silicone is a Platinum formula silicone so care must be taken to avoid cure inhibition. Avoid clays containing sulfur. Do not use latex gloves with this product. When in doubt, perform a small test cure to be sure of compatibility.

Choose any 1:1 PlatSil silicone for this kit. These PlatSil options do not require Vacuum degassing.

73-25 (Pictured) Green, 25A silicone for 2 piece molds and basic block molds.

73-15 Hazy-clear soft 15A silicone for cut block molds that require precision cuts.

71-11 Soft and stretchy green 15A rubber is ideal for 1 piece molds and block molds or intricate patterns with deep undercuts.

73-20 Translucent/blue-grey silicone for making fast (1 hour demold) block molds.


Choose any Easy Flo resin for this kit:

*Easy Flo 60 for fast, solid pours (Cures bright white)

*Easy Flo Clear for translucent color effects and cold cast bronze parts (Cures clear amber)

*Easy Flo 120 for rotational casting (Cures bright white)

*Easy Flo 95 for larger, solid pours where longer working time is required (Cures off-white)



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