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Polygel 35 - 5 Gallon Kit (80 Lbs)

Polygel 35 - 5 Gallon Kit (80 Lbs)

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Polygel 35 is a Shore A~35, 1:1 mix, brush-on, polyurethane liquid mold rubber designed for making thin, stretchy brushed molds. Both liquids are low viscosity which, when mixed, self-thicken to a creamy consistency ideal for making blanket or glove molds of complex objects. Great for casting plaster, concrete, as well as resins and foams with suitable releases.

PolyGel 35 is a brushable mix that cures to the softest, most elastic, PolyGel rubber. Has an 8 to 10 minute working time and cures in 6 to 8 hours.

When brushing Polygel, allow the first coat to cure enough so that the second coat will not disturb it (usually about 1 hour), then apply the second coat being careful to cover any thin spots in the first coat.  Do not allow prior layers to cure completely before applying subsequent coats.  BITY also suggests pigmenting your different layers to be able to tell you are getting full coverage on all layers.

If needed, Polygel Liquid Rubbers can be made even thicker by stirring in Poly Fiber into the mixed Parts A & B.

Polygel molds can be stored for years in a cool dry place in a non-porous mother mold to maintain shape.  Cured Polygel rubber should not be exposed to sunlight. Do not use Polygel rubbers in contact with skin or food.

Mix Ratio: 1A : 1B by Weight or Volume
Pot Life: 8-10 Minutes
Demold Time: 16 Hours at 77ºF


Technical Data: PolyGel 35 Datasheet
PolyGel 35 Part A MSDS      PolyGel 35 Part B MSDS

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