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Monster Gel Traditional Alginate - All Sizes

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Monster Gel Traditional Set formula is a 4-5 minute set time alginate formula that has the classic "feel" of our previous formulas. Comparable to the classic "Prosthetic Grade Cream" formula.

Mix Ratio by volume: 1 Part Water to 1.1 Parts Alginate for a thick, low-slump mix. Use 1.1 Parts Water to 1 Part Alginate for a slightly runny mix for casting hands and other poured molds. Experiment with a small batch to determine the best working ratio for your project.

Average usage:

  • Single Adult Hand - 1.5-2lbs
  • Adult Face - 1-1.5lbs
  • Full Head Cast - 2-3lbs
  • Front Torso - 2-3lbs

How to info: If you are new to working with alginates, be sure to check out our video library for lifecasting instructions. Remember that lifecasting takes skill and practice to master.

Traditional Monster Gel molds will accept these casting materials: PlatSil Gel SiliconesGypsums(Plasters)Monster Clay, and TC1630 resin.

Important! These amounts are approximate and a suggested starting point. Persons with enormous appendages may require more material. When making poured molds, remember that the dimensions of the container will also determine the amount required. For instance: a large container used to mold a small hand will waste fantastic amounts of alginate!

Also important! The law requires us to inform you that Traditional Gel contains free silica, which in mining conditions where it is inhaled by the pound, can cause silicosis. This hazard exists with any dust particle. Use in a well ventilated area and wear dust mask when required. Mixing alginate containing free silica is about as dangerous as walking on a sandy beach.

 Technical Data:  Datasheet  - MSDS

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