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Moldmaking Class May 4th & 5th 2024

Moldmaking Class May 4th & 5th 2024

  • $248.00

MoldMaking Class (2 Day)

Our moldmaking class is a crash course in basic molding and resin casting techniques. This is a great opportunity to learn the moldmaking process and understand the fundamentals of poured and brushed-on molds. We recommend this class for those interested in product development, prototyping, model building, cosplay, propmaking, and artists in general.

Class Covers:

  • Choosing Materials
  • Techniques For Poured Molds
  • Techniques For Brushed-on Molds
  • Resin Casting Techniques
  • Finishing Tips
  • Trouble-shooting
In addition to great how-to knowledge, you will also leave with sample moldmaking supplies to help get you started.

    Class is from 9:30-5 on Saturday May 4th and Sunday May 5th 2024. Space is limited so sign up now to reserve a spot.

    Important! You must be 18 years or older to attend!

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