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Matthew Mungle Character Makeup Workshop March 16th 2019

  • $270.00

Academy Award Winning makeup artist, Matthew Mungle will be teaching a special workshop this spring! You may remember Matthew's work from Bram Stokers Dracula, CSI, Salem, and many other films and television shows. You have probably seen many of his realistic silicone makeups and bodies and didn't even know it.

Matthew has been kind enough to format a makeup workshop just for BITY customers. This is a day long, in-depth class covering the process of lifecasting, mold-making, denture making, prosthetic casting, and application process of a full character makeup including contacts and hand laid beard.

First half of the day Matthew will explain the mold-making and lab work required to build forehead, nose, and face prosthetics as well as dentures.The 2nd half of the day will focus on the application process with Matthew applying prosthetics, teeth, hair, and contacts. Matthew will be using a combination of flat molds and positive and negative molds to demonstrate a complete range of silicone prosthetics.

Class includes custom StaColor Palette and book covering all lifecasting, dental work, and lab procedures leading up to the application process. Attendees will also take home a kit of PlatSil Gel-OO and Deadener.

You must be 18 to attend this class. We can make exceptions for serious students but you must call us to authorize.

Class starts at 9 am Saturday morning the 16th and goes to 5 pm. We will break for lunch at 12pm.

Class space is limited so grab a spot now!

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