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Mark Prent’s Ultimate Guide to Fine Figure Finishing with Embedded Hair, Glass Eyes and Airbrush Coloring

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An information-packed guide for the advanced student of life-molding. Now you can bring your cast figure to life-like realism using Mark Prent’s own techniques.

“Mark Prent’s Ultimate Guide to Fine Figure Finishing with Glass Eyes, Embedded Hair and Airbrush Coloring” we will demonstrate all of those processes, using the cast Forton figure we created in the video, “Success With Full Body Molds and Forton Castings”. First we will hollow out eye sockets in the cast Forton head and, using an ingenious molding and casting trick, create a natural looking open eyelid before inserting high quality prosthetic-grade glass eyes. Next, we will demonstrate our own revolutionary approach to implanting individual hairs on a Forton scalp and life-like eyebrows. Finally, you will learn how to join the finished head to the body and bring the figure to life with color applied using an air-brush.

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