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Le Beau Touché High Melt - 2 Lb Block

  • $10.50

Le Beau Touché - HM is a sulfur-free, extremely smooth and flexible plasteline with exceptional adhesive qualities produced by Chavant.
The Le Beau Touché - HM (High Melt) formula is less sensitive to heat variations and is suggested for use where the working environment is expected to reach or exceed 90° F. HM is slightly firmer and less tacky than the original Le Beau Touché.
Available in green and brown. 

Approximate dimensions of a 2 pound block is 2¾" x 2¾" x 5"

Use our new Red Clay paint to cover armatures before sculpting.

Le Beau Touché - HM has a density of 92 pounds/cubic foot and a specific gravity of 1.48 g/cm3 

Water has a density of 62.5 pounds/cubic foot and a specific gravity of 1 gram/cm3

Technical Data:  SDS

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