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NaturForm 74 Mold Rubber - 40 lbs

  • $175.00

NaturForm 74 is a one-part, high-solide, brush-on liquid latex with no mixing or weighing needed. Multiple coats and drying between each coat, is needed until mold is built up to 1/16th inch to 1/8th inch thick to form a tough rubber blanket mold, often used for casting plaster, concrete, and limited casting with some resins.

While NaturForm 74 has better tear strength than synthetic rubbers and is sometimes preferred for molds that are peeled off the casting like a sock, two-part synthetic rubbers like Polygel® 35 can be brushed-on to final thickness in an afternoon and should also be considered for molds wherever latex may be used.

Technical Data: Poly Latex 60 Datasheet     Poly Latex 60 MSDS

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