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Issue 21 Prosthetics Magazine

Issue 21 Prosthetics Magazine

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There’s a theme of amazing re-creations in issue 21: impeccable reprises of character makeups by Prosthetic Renaissance in Coming 2 America, a splendid homage to Darkness from Legend by Tim Martin, Joel Harlow’s stunning life-size likenesses of horror heroes and the many fruitless attempts to reboot the iconic Creature from the Black Lagoon, better known as the Gill Man!
There’s cutting-edge hybrid work from Jaco Snyman for Ridley Scott’s Raised by Wolves, The Stand’s plague-infested bodies, gore and superb ageing makeup by Lindala Schminken FX, and awesome mutant pig-men in Wild Boar, the brilliant directorial debut from Barney Burman, who also gives us his Words of Wisdom to set the scene for the issue.
Don’t miss our major career profile of industry giant Nick Dudman who looks back on an illustrious 4-decade career from early Star Wars to Carnival Row and beyond, and if you need advice on what to charge for your own prosthetics work look no further: Stuart and Todd explain how to get started on finding a price for your time and skills!

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