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GENESIS X "Prosthetic-Grade Cream" Alginate - 5lb

GENESIS X "Prosthetic-Grade Cream" Alginate - 5lb

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GENESIS X is our Thick, Creamy, Extra Slow Setting Prosthetic-Grade Alginate. It is used in Hollywood by the big Special Effects Makeup houses for face and head casting. It has the desirable properties that many famous makeup artists want.

GENESIS X mixes smooth and thick with very little drip. It has a working time of about 9 minutes and "snap sets" at about 10 minutes to a very firm (almost hard) rubbery solid while still being very flexible.

Genesis is recommended for Face and Head Castings but also works for body castings and for other lifecasting projects where you need more time.
Genesis sets in 10 minutes with 70F Water
and 9 minutes with 80F Water.

Accu-Cast's Genesis series have been modeled after Teledyne's "Prosthetic-Grade Cream" as it has been the standard lifecasting alginate in Hollywood for years.

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