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PlatSil Gel-25 Half Gallon kit (8lbs)

  • $140.00

The new PlatSil Gel-25 is now available in an 8lb kit (4lbs part A 4 lbs part B). Gel-25 is a versatile Gel series silicone that may be hardened with Platsil part H or softened with Platsil Deadener LV. New Gel-25 is also low viscosity for easy pouring. May be thickened for brush-on applications by adding TinThix thickener. May be softened to a 0030 for prosthetics or hardened to an A40 for mold making applications using the new Part H hardener. Pour time: 5-6 minutes and demold time of 1 hour at 70F. May also be used for large lifecast applications. See data sheet for more options.

PlatSil Gel formulas are all "water-white-translucent" unless pigment is added. PlatSil Gels may be thickened with PlatThix or TinThix, slowed with 71/73R, accelerated with 71/73X, softened with Deadener, and even hardened with the new PlatSil Part H. You can find all of the additives and pigments for PlatSil Gels here.

Technical Data: Gel-25 - Datasheet     Gel-25 - MSDS

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