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PlatSil Gel-00 Pint Kit (2 Lbs)

  • $42.00

PlatSil Gel-00 is a softer version of the already extremely popular PlatSil Gel-10 silicone rubber that feels fantastic at a Shore A of 00 and a Shore 00 of 30.
PlatSil Gel-00 was developed for the FX industry for theatrical prosthetics, lifecasting and for mold making applications.

Gel-00 is a translucent, stretchy platinum silicone skin material.

Use for casting life-like appliances for special makeup effects. May be pigmented with silicone pigments and flocking (see additives).

Just like PlatSil Gel-10, Smith's Theatrical Prosthetic Deadener can be added to PlatSil Gel-00 as well, but at a lower levels, to create the real look and feel of natural skin and tissue.

PlatSil Gel-00 can be blended with PlatSil Gel-10 to achieve any hardness, using a Shore 00 scale, from a 0030 to a 0050. A 1:1 blend gets a Shore 00 reading of 0040. A 30min demold can be achieved using different ratio blends, flawlessly.
Great for making small, super fast one piece molds to avoid seamlines.

For more info or questions contact BITY Mold Supply at 1-888-676-2489

Mixing Ratio: 1A: 1B
Working Time: 6 min
Demold: 30 minutes
Color: Translucent
Shrinkage Upon Cure: Nil

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