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EasyFlo 60 - Pint Kit (1.9 lb)

EasyFlo 60 - Pint Kit (1.9 lb)

  • $22.50

This is a super-fast white casting resin.
Kit Contains: 1 Pint (1 lb) of Part A and 1 Pint (0.9 lbs) of Part B.
Cures White in 2-2.5 minutes at room temp.
Demold in 15-30 Minutes.
Mixed Viscosity: 60 (cP)

Flows like water for the finest detail.
May be thickened with PolyFiber II for brushing into molds or onto surfaces.
Additives for EasyFlo, such as PolyColor Pigments, are available here.
Maybe filled to 50% with Glass Filler to extend.

Technical Data: EasyFlo 60 - Datasheet
EasyFlo 60 Part A - MSDS      EasyFlo 60 Part B - MSDS

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