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EasyFlo Clear - Pint Kit (1.9 lb)

  • $22.50

This is a fast, Translucent, amber clear casting resin. Use EasyFlo Clear for translucent castings or for true color matching.

Mixing Ratio: 1A:1B By Volume
Working Time: 2- 2.5 Minutes
Demold: 30 Min- 1 Hour
Color: Translucent Amber
Mixed Viscosity: 110 (cP)

Best for exact color matching. (Photo is bronze powder and brown pigment mixed into Easy Flo Clear).

Kit Contains: 1 Pint (1 lb) of Part A and 1 Pint (0.9 lb) of Part B - 2 Pints Total.

May be thickened with PolyFiber II for brushing into molds or onto surfaces.
May be extended with up to 50% Glass Filler.

Additives, such as PolyColor Pigments, can be found here.

Technical Data: EasyFlo Clear - Datasheet
EasyFlo Clear Part A - MSDS      EasyFlo Clear Part B - MSDS

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