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EBA Autopsy Palette

  • $68.00

Encore Alcohol Activated AUTOPSY Palette was designed by professional makeup artist Bruce Spaulding Fuller (RESIDENT EVIL, PREDATOR 2, BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, THE ORVILLE, AMERICAN HORROR STORY and GOLIATH).
“In our business we are often called upon to simulate death, dying and human remains. Even the current popular Zombie craze is just death – walking.
I wanted to create a palette of colors to represent what becomes of flesh and tissue after the life spark has left. From the waxy yellowness of the skin, to blood pooling and coagulating, to the color of internal organs – all in one place – one palette.
To that end I’ve designed these colors that can accomplish death from inside and out: colors that any makeup artist will find essential to have in their kit.” Bruce S. Fuller
Encore AUTOPSY Alcohol Activated Palette comes with EBA’s signature magnetic refillable case and ten (10) colors in 1.5 x 1.5 inch pans (38 x 38mm): Tendon, Tainted Tissue, Bile, Spleen, Fetid Flesh, Liver, Clot, Rancid, Decayed, and Contusion.

Important! This palette is alcohol activated and must be activated with 99% alcohol or Fuel activator. Remove with a professional remover such as EBA Unveill or Vapore

Colors can be thinned with Tranluz thinner.

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