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Deluxe Full "Alanna Head" Armature (Life-size)

  • $64.95

Looking for a ready made base on which to sculpt or display your masks? The Alanna Head from Monster Makers is made of hollow, rigid, polyurethane foam. The Deluxe Full Alanna Head Armature is inexpensive to ship and suitable for medium to large sized mask sculptures. This new design has partial shoulders and an elongated neck which compensates for latex mask shrinkage. Ready made Head Sculpting Armatures are taken directly from lifecasts. These ready made reusable head forms are great for creating masks and prosthetics and can be used for displays and any other application where a lifelike head for is needed. Saves the time and expense of making your own head forms. The Alanna Head is perfect for mask display. To use as a sculpting base we recommend filling the form with White Hydrocal to extend the service life. Measures 18" H x 13" W x 10"D. Head circumference at brow is 23" approx. Please note: This product is handcrafted. As such there are some minor cosmetic imperfections inherent in the manufacturing process that do not impact the sculpting process. Most forms have some minor blemishes.

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