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Smith's Theatrical Prosthetic Deadener - All Sizes

  • $35.00

Designed by Gordon Smith for Use in PlatSil Gel-10
Smith's Deadener is the product of 25 years of R&D, with procedures and materials, to achieve creative freedom and control over the physical and visual qualities apparent in living tissue.

Add Smith's Deadener to Platsil Gel-10 & PlatSil Gel-00 liquid rubbers to lower cured hardness and remove synthetic qualities inherent in the silicone rubber. Add by weight as much as 250% Smith's Deadener to mixed Gel-10 to create a chemically stable gel with the look and feel you desire. Add over 30% for a non-paintable, sticky cured gel. Eliminate tackiness with powder or a paintable barrier coat of Gel-10. (Once powdered, the stickiness cannot be brought back). All Gels are compatible and can be laminated to create multi-layered softness. PlatSil Gel-10 is a perfect barrier coat for painting and surface tension. Add over 250% Smith?s Deadener to achieve a super gel (i.e.- fat).

Avoid contact with eyes or mucous membranes. May cause eye irritation.
First Aid: Eye contact- flush with water. Skin contact- wash with soap and water.

Technical Data:  - Datasheet      - MSDS

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