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PlatSil 71-11 5 Gallon Kit (80 Lbs)

  • $1,040.00

PlatSil 71-11 is an instant favorite!! Great all-purpose silicone for making small molds. Pourable, but may add TinThix (see Additives) to make into a brushable gel.

PlatSil 71-11 is a unique, fast-curing (4-hour demold), 1A:1B mix, soft (A~10) platinum silicone mold rubber. This easy to mix 1:1 system is fun, fast and high-performance. No scales needed.

Release original patterns with 2500 spray release. For silicone to silicone applications, use 2350 release.

Durometer: Shore A 10
Working Time: 20 Minutes
Demold Time: 4 Hours
Color: Blue Green (Aqua)
Shrinkage Upon Cure: Nil

Technical Data:  Datasheet - MSDS - Physical Properties

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