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GENESIS V "Prosthetic-Grade Cream" Alginate - 25lb

  • $210.00

GENESIS V "Prosthetic-Grade Cream" Alginate is used by many of the big special effects houses in Hollywood like Dick Smith's. "Prosthetic-Grade Cream" Alginate mixes smooth and thick with very little drip. It also "snap sets" at about 5:30 to a very firm (almost hard) rubbery solid while still being very flexible.

Genesis Vis recommended for Face Castings or Head Castings, but you need to work fast if using it for a full head cast.
Genesis V sets in 5minutes 30seconds with 70F Water (If you need a longer working time try the Genesis X)
and 4minutes 45seconds with 80F Water.

Accu-Cast's Genesis V has been modeled after Teledyne's "Prosthetic-Grade Cream" as it has been the standard lifecasting alginate in Hollywood for years.

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